special class

the other days, teacher Xu had a very special math class. she stuck some questions on the wall, desk, chairs, boards. and let students find the questions and answer them by themselves. it is like adventure. everyone is excited to do that, which makes a boring math class vivid.


spark class

our forth graders have a spark class every A day. students will be separated to different small groups. before that, they have freedom to choose the class that they are interested in. like teacher Xu, she will have Chinese chess class. and teacher Guo, she will have taiji.

Chinese new year performance

recently, we are practicing our Chinese new year performance. we all got together in teacher Wang’s apartment and brought some food for our hotpot party. we practiced our dance and songs. and at the same time, we cooked. in the snowy day, what a happy day to have hotpot with all the friends.

thanksgiving party

all the friends of my host family came our house. we cooked turkey and duck, and also ours friends brought many food. before dinner, we stand in a circle and hold our hand to thank each other .we drink and watch football game. it is a very fun night.

field trip

This week, we had field trip and there are so much fun. we went to two parks. one is Lion Park and the other is Minnesota Interstate Park. we learned a lot and enjoyed nature with my students.